Ultimate RainCoat is a Hard add-on that Adds Profit Margin to Dealerships without Any Extra Effort, Nationwide.

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The Ultimate RainCoat story begins with one of its founders purchasing a new 2001 Audi. After having previous cars waxed and detailed 2-3 times per year, he wanted to find a more permanent solution that was better performing than waxing and that would take less time. Several products were tried, including a product that required 24 hours to install, but would provide a coating that lasted at least ten years without having to wax the car. It worked OK, but the coating provider did not invest in his product and it soon became obsolete in comparison with newer products. Even though the coating was applied again on two new cars, it soon became apparent that paint-enhancement coatings were in their infantile stage of growth and were hard to find, although they did a better job of protecting automobile paint than waxes did, and lasted longer.

In 2014, this same founder, an entrepreneur at heart, was working with a private-equity firm and came across an unrelated business who had a unique way of marketing its business. This business repaired cellular phones and had regional locations across the USA. They would engage in geographically-targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their services. The Company would ensure that their website would be on the first page of a Google-type search for cell phone repair and, once the prospect would click onto their website, the prospect could make an appointment to take their phone into their closest repair facility and get the phone repaired in 30 minutes at rates much cheaper than buying a new phone.

Enter another Ultimate RainCoat founder, a guy who runs his own independent, full-service car wash and detail center. He also had an excellent reputation for paint correction and making new cars look newer and older cars look brand new. Both founders agreed that presenting a ceramic coating at a fair price would enhance the value of a car and make the car owner not have to bring his car in to have it waxed 2-3 times every year. Thus, a search began to find a product that would meet specifications that the two men drew up, namely:

  1. A product that would last up to 10 years and beyond, without degrading, and would not require the customer to have it applied no more than once;
  2. A product that could be applied in the humid climate of the Southeastern US without special equipment or a climate-controlled facility;
  3. A process that could be listed into steps and taught and trained so that there were a minimal of errors and labor time in application;
  4. A product that, IF an error was made in application, the operator could easily deal with the mistake and re-apply the product without having to wet-sand off the product and take another several hours of labor to apply it back on;
  5. Provide the Dealer/Operator with an insurance policy that would cover them in the event of a catastrophic mistake.

After a year-long search that included several foreign products, the two men found the formulation for Ultimate RainCoat. Ultimate RainCoat went through a thorough testing process that simulated ten years of protecting automotive paint from all types of elements—salt water, acid rain, bird droppings, you name it—and the product displayed the ability to withstand these elements and meet the specifications above. Viola!! The Ultimate RainCoat!!

Enter our third founder, a person with 40 years of experience in advertising and brand marketing. The website was born and process of providing the ability to do SEO, internet advertising and reach out to consumers to create buzz and take appointments on-line, on behalf of geographically-located operators, was realized. Thus, our methodology provides the ability to present to operators targeted, specific and interested prospects for Ultimate RainCoat. We have also generated a business pro forma that will provide the operator with a road map to add $100,000 – $200,000 to their bottom line, WITHOUT concerning themselves with weather conditions.

We are currently taking applications for interested businesses wanting to become an operator, with protected territories, in various areas of the US. Please feel free to complete the enclosed form and submit it to us to learn more about the Ultimate RainCoat concept and see how you can add $100,000 – $200,000 to your top line revenue!!

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