Ultimate RainCoat is Atlanta’s premium ceramic coating solution. 

Serving all the entire metro area of Atlanta we have certified installers for our nano-ceramic coating near you.

Any type of vehicle can be protected with our one of a kind formula that boasts an industry leading 6-year warranty! Protect your investment the best way possible with a powerful ceramic coat layer from Ultimate RainCoat.

Atlanta is the largest city in the state with a population of over 486,000, while the metro area comes in at over 5.8 million making it the ninth biggest metro in the nation. With a diverse economy including logistics and transportation, Atlanta has a thriving auto enthusiast culture.

Atlanta has a lot of nicknames, but regardless if you call it Hotlanta, Lanta, Dogwood city, or The City too Busy to Hate one thing is for sure they love their cars and like to take care of them.

Find out why we are becoming Atlanta’s leader in hydrophobic paint protections solutions.

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