Ultimate RainCoat is a Hard add-on that Adds Profit Margin to Dealerships without Any Extra Effort, Nationwide.

Ceramic Coating for Boats

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Ultimate raincoat is a premium nano-ceramic coating solution for all exterior Marine applications.

Our specialized nano-ceramic formulation allows for a superior exterior protection on boats, yachts and any other type of aquatic equipment.

Harsh conditions and contaminants found in most aquatic conditions can rapidly deteriorate the exterior of any vehicle. Our nano-ceramic formulation bonds to the surface of your boat or yacht creating a layer of protection far superior to traditional methods.

Enjoy a like New Finish on your boat or Yacht for years to come with the resilient protection found in Ultimate raincoat. Improved maintenance and ease of care are just some of the ways you will save time and money in the long run not to mention increased UV protection, oxidation resistance and overall retention of your paint’s gloss.

Traditional Solutions become obsolete when our Nano ceramic technology has been applied. The ultimate raincoat formulation maintains a spherical shape after it’s bonded to the surface allowing it to perform far superior than other products that tend to take on any more flattened structure.

Ultimate RainCoat Ceramic Coating for Boats

Ultimate RainCoat is an industry-leading marine ceramic coating, offering premium protective benefits for any kind of watercraft.

  • The ceramic coating for boats can last up to 10 years with proper application. This keeps the exterior of your marine vessel shiny and scratch-resistant for years.
  • It uses a hydrophobic nano-ceramic formulation for the coating, so it bonds much better to the surface of your boat compared to traditional methods.
  • The marine ceramic coating offers superior protection, preventing oxidation caused by the growth of sea organisms and algae on the surface of the vessel. It also protects against damage due to the sun, weather, and corrosive elements in the sea.

Why Choose Ultimate RainCoat?

When you choose Ultimate RainCoat, you not only get a high-performing coating product, but you also enjoy superior customer service. We promise the following for our marine industry clients in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • 10-Year Warranty: Our marine ceramic coating comes with a 10-year warranty. The first warranty service is a reapplication, with the succeeding claims covered by an insurance company.
  • Product Training Certification: We provide training classes for our clients, teaching the best practices for applying the Ultimate RainCoat ceramic coating on boats. A proper application ensures the longevity and performance of the product.
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