Ultimate RainCoat is a Hard add-on that Adds Profit Margin to Dealerships without Any Extra Effort, Nationwide.


Add Profit Margin to Your Dealership without Extra Effort - Call Today

Ultimate RainCoat is a hard add-on that adds profit margin to dealerships without any extra effort, nationwide. Ultimate RainCoat is a unique brand that provides an end benefit of an impeccable shine for vehicles, a training program for dealerships and an incredible margin for resellers. Find out more, Click Here.

Ultimate RainCoat’s products are “green” and sustainable. The coating process, once applied to a vehicle, will reject external nasties like acid rain that, without Ultimate RainCoat, will be absorbed into the paint. Further, vehicles treated with Ultimate RainCoat need less washing, so there are less detergents put into the environment. Guaranteed for TEN years. Find out more, Click Here.

Ultimate RainCoat has been tested in a state-of-the-art automotive laboratory for the most stringent conditions that automotive paint will face, simulating 10 years of salt, sand, etc. Ultimate RainCoat had no degradation. Find out more, Click Here.

Ultimate RainCoat is effective on all types of automotive paint, therefore it can be used on the most expensive vehicles, but also be cost-effective on moderately priced vehicles as well. Find out more, Click Here.

Ultimate RainCoat is a third generation nano-ceramic solution. It uses current technology but was formulated in a new way to provide impeccable shine, paint protection but is forgiving to the person applying the product. The Ultimate RainCoat team has been in the automotive aftermarket for many years. Find out more, Click Here.

Ultimate RainCoat can only be applied to vehicles once the applicator has been trained in the exclusive 31-step certification program. Once applied, Ultimate RainCoat has a 10-year warranty for each vehicle, identified by its VIN. The dealer provides the customer with a warranty sheet, provided by Ultimate RainCoat, LLC and provides Ultimate RainCoat with the VIN information. Find out more, Click Here.

How much can I charge my customers? Ultimate RainCoat is very cost effective to buy. Because of that the margin for the dealer could be 200% to 400% ROI per vehicle, given current market conditions. Find out more, Click Here.

To become an Ultimate RainCoat reseller, the dealer must go through the training and Certification process. Once the dealer is certified, there are no problems applying the product. If the applicator makes a mistake in applying, our unique formula is forgiving, and can be easily re-applied. If required, Ultimate RainCoat will send a representative to oversee the reapplication of product to the consumer’s satisfaction. If all else fails, Ultimate RainCoat has an insurance policy that, if worse comes to worst, will cover the costs or totally repainting the vehicle. To date, Ultimate RainCoat has yet to invoke any insurance claim. Find out more, Click Here.

a. Ultimate RainCoat provides multiple benefits to the vehicle owner.

  • Ultimate RainCoat enhances the appearance and maintains the value of the exterior of the vehicle. Dangers like acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and other environmental hazards to vehicle paint are not able to penetrate Ultimate RainCoat to degrade the paint, which results in a better used vehicle with higher value;
  • Protects and extends the life of the vehicle’s factory coatings. Ultimate RainCoat rejects dirt, acid rain, and other particulates that make the paint look bad and degrade the paint over time. Ultimate RainCoat limits the amount of paint chipping from road use;
  • Provides durability and sustainability. Because of its unique properties, a vehicle requires less car washing to look clean;
  • Because of its 10-year life, no periodic waxing is required while the shine looks like it was waxed yesterday;
  • Find out more, Click Here.

a. There are many ceramics products in the marketplace. While they appear to be similar, each has a different formula and offer different characteristics.

  • There is inconsistent value across products in this market. Many are not true coatings in that they are cheap, water-based and can be applied by spray-on, but only last 90 days before needing a re-application. Essentially, these products wash off over time and are no better than a wax.
  • Others are petroleum-based and can last a year or some can last 10 years before losing their effectiveness. The longer lasting products will cost more money. Ultimate RainCoat is unique in that it has a 10-year guarantee AND is cost effective.
  • Ultimate RainCoat is formulated with extreme conditions in mind. It can be applied in high humidity environments; it can also be applied in environments down to 45 degrees F, thus not needing any special environmental controls (i.e a heating room). These unique properties, along with the ease of recoverability of re-application in case of error, make Ultimate RainCoat especially easy to manage and increase the dealer’s ROI.

Find out more, Click Here.

a. The primary reason that Made in America is important is the ability to receive product more easily and not subject to governmental tariffs or U.S Customs inspections, which can delay product delivery.

b. A domestic Supply Chain allows for just-in-time inventory and the ability to not have to inventory large amounts of product. Orders received can be received in as little as three days. Thus, the dealer does not have a large outlay of money to manage an inventory.

c. The product is of consistent quality, which many foreign products, quite frankly, lack in this consistency. Ultimate RainCoat has been tested in an actual lab for consistent quality.

d. The advantage of creating domestic employment and helping the U.S. economy by supporting American workers and resources.

e. The product is subject to U.S. Government patent and licensing laws.

Find out more, Click Here.

a. Quality of the product and the perception of quality transferred to your dealership;

b. Warranty of 10 years

c. Annual polish is required to keep the warranty intact.

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