Professional Grade Nano-Ceramic Coating

Experience the difference of our nano-ceramic coating today

Ultimate RainCoat provides a beautiful shine that allows the vehicle to never be waxed again for at least 6 years. It is a family of products that includes a unique hydrophobic nano-ceramic paint protection coating, plastic trim cleaner, wheel cleaner, leather cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, carpet & upholstery cleaner. The products are environmentally friendly.

What is Ultimate RainCoat and why is it different?

Ultimate RainCoat is a third-generation hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating developed for the automotive, marine, and aviation industries to protect each vehicle’s clear coat paint. It’s basically a professional-grade ceramic coating that out performs the competition.

Ultimate RainCoat is scientifically proven to protect against a variety of harsh conditions such as:

  • Long Term Weathering
  • Acid Rain
  • Bug Splats
  • Bird Droppings
  • UV Damage
  • Salt and surface corrosion
  • Sand etchings
  • Spider scratches

Everyday vehicle owners are turning away from old school wax in favor to today’s newest technological development in ceramic coating. And what’s better than our nano-ceramic coating kit? It’s not a water-based coat so you can confidently say that it bonds to the car paint and doesn’t roll into the watershed.

Ultimate RainCoat stands out over the competition

Up until now, it has been challenging to make hydrophobic coatings durable. Technological applications such as self-cleaning coating surfaces are often subjected to mechanical abrasion that causes coating to erode over time losing hydrophobicity. Thin film application and constant erosion makes long-term retention of hydrophobicity very difficult, as can be seen in the illustrations of Competitor 1 and Competitor 2.

Ultimate RainCoat changes the game, though. Our third-generation hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating has shown long-term durability and is warranted for six years. But the ceramic coating lasts for longer than six years. It can look as good as new a decade after application.

If the idea of having a beautifully maintained paint job that looks like it has been washed and waxed nearly every day for years is appealing to you, then look no further than Ultimate RainCoat.

No other coating lasts this long!





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