Ultimate Raincoat is an industry-leading hydrophobic coating for cars, trucks, vans and high-performance vehicles.

Its unique chemical structure is unlike anything else in the nano-ceramic coating market. With an industry-leading 6-year warranty Ultimate Raincoat stands behind its product in a way nobody else does.

The Ultimate Protection for Aviation Industry

Ultimate raincoats unique nanotechnology helps it whether the worst conditions from corrosive elements icing that planes frequently experience and in the long-term will help protect paint better than any traditional solution. Due to the ceramic Coatings properties it is extremely hydrophobic and provides better visibility during rain or snow conditions helping increase safety during flights.

What sets our Coating a part in the aviation industry is its bond it creates and the unique shape it maintains. This unique shape affects the way contaminants interact with the surface. Instead of flattening out when applied ultimate rain coats Nano ceramic properties allowed to maintain a cylindrical form improving its durability for your plane or helicopter.

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