Ultimate Raincoat is an industry-leading hydrophobic coating for cars, trucks, vans and high-performance vehicles.

Its unique chemical structure is unlike anything else in the nano-ceramic coating market. With an industry-leading 6-year warranty Ultimate Raincoat stands behind its product in a way nobody else does.

Our confidence in the durability and effectiveness in our ceramic coating technology comes from the proprietary geometric shape our formula takes when it bonds with your vehicle. Typical Nano ceramic coating products flatten out slightly when applied to paint or clear coat surface.

This slight deformation affects the way light interacts with the vehicle as well as how water will run off. Ultimate Raincoats patented formula has molecules that maintain a spherical shape. The spherical shape helps maintain its long-term durability and increases it’s hydrophobic properties.

In addition, could also helps protect against surface scratches and even when they do occur it allows them to be easily polished out without weakening the coating. The advantages of Ultimate Raincoats properties provide peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your vehicle to its fullest.

Imagine having a beautiful glossy finish on your vehicle with very little maintenance. It will feel like your vehicle practically cleans itself and will be ready for your enjoyment on a daily basis.

Regardless of the conditions, your vehicle faces from dirt tar paint in the environment bird droppings to bugs no other coating will fight these contaminants like Ultimate Raincoat. Traditional Coatings don’t even come close to this level of protection.

Even the best waxes on the market offer no UV protection or corrosion resistance. Even the surface protection it offers pales in comparison to the kind of bond that forms with our nano-ceramic coating. Even polymer sealants that perform better than a wax still fail basic scratch resistance tests that ceramic coatings can handle easily.

Over the long run, your Ultimate Raincoat system will provide a cost effectiveness compared to the kind of repeat application traditional paint coatings require like waxes. That makes our system not only a good investment, offer less maintenance but most importantly the cheese your goal of added protection while looking better all the time.

Can Ultimate Raincoat protection be applied by me?

No, an Ultimate Raincoat certified dealer is the only one trained to understand how the needs to be applied. Proper attention to detail is crucial for the kind of bonding our proprietary ceramic coating requires. But it’s for that reason that we extend an industry-leading 6-year warranty.

How long does the Ultimate Raincoat ceramic coating system take to apply?

This is largely dependent on the size of your vehicle and the condition of your paint. Most installations will take 1 to 3 days. The average vehicle can be done in just one day. Our process is extremely thorough to deliver the best results possible.

What is the process of applying Nano ceramic to my vehicle?

The installation of Ultimate Raincoat starts with the fundamentals of any car care. A thorough cleaning and wash is crucial to prep the vehicle. The next step is to correct imperfections in the paint such as Swirls and scratches.

This is why the time required will vary from vehicle to vehicle-based on the existing quality of the paint job. Once the vehicle is prepped it is taken to a clean location where the Ultimate Raincoat is applied panel-by-panel.

Is Ultimate Raincoat safe for my vehicles paint type?

Yes! Not only is Ultimate Raincoat formulated to be compatible with all kinds of manufacturer paints it is designed 2 be safe for all clear coat finishes.